ZW3D Lite

Easy-to-learn ZW3D 2013 Lite Helps You Master 3D Design in 3 Hours

ZW3D, a cost-effective CAD/CAM software for 3D modeling, mold design, and machining, launched its latest edition ZW3D 2013 last March, with standard, professional, premium and Lite versions. The Lite version aims to provide designers, choice to enjoy an efficient and simplified design experience at an affordable price. As entry-level 3D design software, ZW3D Lite is affordable, easy-to-use, and amazingly, allows beginners to master 3D design in 3 hours.




Ideal 3D Design Software for Beginners, Trial Users and Small Business.

Compared to 2D design, 3D design has higher requirements for users because of various functions and complicated operations. They have to spend much time learning to use each command. Moreover, it’s not worthy to pay such a costly price with only 30%-40% of the functions commonly being used.


Targeted for 3D design beginners, ZW3D Lite pares down some professional and seldom-used features to lower its complexity. Thereby, the price is much lower and more preferential. Except for basic design, some advanced features  remained for higher design needs. For 3D design beginners, interested buyers who want to try ZW3D, or customers who have a limited budget, ZW3D Lite may be a better choice.


Start Your Design Dream with ZW3D 2013 Lite in 3 Hours

In ZW3D 2013 Lite, the updated design tutorial is a good time-saver for new learners. The step-by-step videos will show how to use each command just like a live demo. Following the tutorial, designers only need 3 hours to master the skills to use ZW3D proficiently. The clear UI and simplified workflow also provide an efficient and enjoyable design experience, helping to reduce learning curve and lower design complexity.


Well-equipped with Basic Features for Different Designs

ZW3D Lite is competent in general design, for most of the core design features are well reserved, such as efficient sketching and enhanced QuickShapes. Besides, the strong compatibility allows directly opening, editing and saving 3D models from Catia, Inventor, Solidworks and more. Equipped with hybrid 3D Shape & Feature Modeling, ZW3D has no difficulty in handling tough design.